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Chat with customers and anonymous users to convert sales and use campaigns to get leads from anonymous users, greet return customers or give VIP customers a discount code for being super awesome!

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Our features

Basic CRM functionality and third party integrations

Everything in Crall is about your customers. You probably have important customer information spread out across different systems, but nowhere to gather all this information. We give you a unified view of data from Zendesk, Intercom,, Shopify and others, giving you a complete overview of your relationship with your customers. Using our other features, this data enables you to make the right decisions on the fly - for instance when you are chatting with a customer you can decide whether or not to give a discount code for a product based on the customer's purchase history.

We also provide a timeline for all interaction with your customers, as well as the ability to write notes with important information or summaries of phone calls.

Talk to your customers!

When doing online sales in any form, one of the major disadvantages is that you can't see or talk to your customers directly. With Crall, you can! We give you a glance at the people browsing your site or online store in real time. Anonymous users and return visitors we are able to identify - both show up in your chat interface, allowing you to see what they are browsing, and even start a conversation if a specific customer seems to be spending a lot of time on a specific page. Perhaps you can convert a sale just by providing some guidance?

Customers can also start a conversation with you, should they need assistance of any kind.

Campaigns / notes

Want to use a competition to get leads in the form of email addresses? Perhaps you would like to greet return visitors who browse a specific page with a discount code? Or maybe just say a polite "welcome back, we love seeing you again!" to your VIP-customers? All this is possible using our campaigns tool.

Triggers, triggers, triggers

Having campaigns and chat is one thing, but the ability to control the two using Crall triggers allows you to automate and personalize communication with your customers in a way you'll love! If you know from your Google Analytics data that many users leave at a specific page on your site, set up a chat trigger that opens a chat window if the user has been idling 30 seconds on that page. Or you can even take things as far as giving a single known customer his or her own personal message the next time they return to your site, giving them a discount code or other unique offer for being a great customer.

Segments, or "newsletters you won't delete"

For online stores, sending a generic newsletter that converts well is a challenge. With Crall segments, you can export lists of users who have signed up on one of your campaigns, or even users who have visited a specific page on your site. This way, when you send your newsletter, you already know that they are interested in the topic.



$69 / month

  • 25k sessions
  • Campaigns
  • Triggers
  • Segments
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$299 / month

  • 100k sessions
  • Campaigns
  • Triggers
  • Segments
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Premium Plus

$499 / month

  • 250k sessions
  • Campaigns
  • Triggers
  • Segments
  • Chat
  • Priority Support
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Find all support tickets from each of your customers.


View conversations you had with your customer in Intercom.


We'll post information to a Slack channel whenever an event takes place in the system.


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